What are slots?
Slots are a purchasable service where our staff uses your address and other information to secure you rare items upon their release.
Why would I want a slot?
With the advent of bots and other advanced computer programs, it is now nearly impossible to purchase rare drops without paying extra to buy them for resell.  Our slots allow you to secure these items for retail + a cheap slot fee. Further, if your slot happens to be unsuccessful, you are refunded the full fee you paid.
How do I give you my information and is it safe?
After purchasing, there will be a link to a secure form in your order confirmation, where you enter your information.  We handle this information with the utmost care and delete it directly following the completion of your slot.
Why do I have to pay for my slots before the item comes out?
While it may look like your credit card is being charged when you purchase one of our slots, in actuality only an authorization is being placed on your card.  An authorization is like a reservation of a certain amount of money on your card, which we either capture (confirm) or drop (don't confirm) based on the outcome of your slot.  Purchasing one of our slots does not take any money out of your account at the time of purchase.
What makes Cook Slots unique from other services?
We are unique in that we offer a boutique slot service at a very low price.  This means that we only sell as many slots as we are confident that we can fulfill.  Other services overcharge for their slots and sell mass amounts, thus lowering their success rate.